What our customers have said about us,

"In February 2016 I found out about S.O.A.R. and requested a quote on a 64 Impala Convertible that had been off the road for 15 years and had been in a garage fire.  I asked Rick to change out the quarters, all floor braces, rockers, floor pans, body mounts and trim as well as strip and paint the dash, top frame and body in addition to a full upholstery job including the top.  Oh, and one more detail, I wanted it all done before I moved to Alberta in July… I picked the car up on 4 July 2016."

                                         - Chris Read 

“I own one of, if not the most complex antique car anywhere. It is a 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible, well known among mechanics for it’s leading edge design. What makes this car so complex is the fully integrated electronic and hydraulic mechanical system(s)used for putting the convertible top up and down with a signal switch. Over the years I’ve had trouble with the the top several times. Each time a mechanic claiming to know the problem got the top fixed, but only temporarily. What’s more, many mechanics just chuckled and refused to accept the challenge to repair it.  Rick not only fixed the system, he did it at a very good price.Three previous mechanics that had diagnosed the problem(s) ended it being completely wrong. It was obvious after one day that Rick had a very thorough knowledge of antique cars and could read blue prints and schematics better than any mechanic I have ever known. I would recommend him to anyone, for both quality and price.”

​                                                                          - Dave Gordon

Southern Ontario Auto Restore

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