Setting up the 1969 Mustang 428 CJ on the frame table. Not much sheet metal was  used from the original shell and this was pretty labour intensive as we built a car from scratch. 

Just finished installing the engine in this Daimler Dart SP-250. Yes it is a Hemi but just 2.5 litres with twin SU carbs.

Walk around of a 1964 Chevrolet BelAir that we restored body off frame. 

Southern Ontario Auto Restore


In this video we show how the convertible roof operates on a 1965 Lincoln Continental. It took several days of diagnosing and adjusting to make it work as it was brought in non-operational.

The final video before we delivered the car to the customer. We managed to install a Viper V-10 engine and transmission from a wrecked SRT10 Ram. It was expertly intergraded and all the gauges, A/C, power options worked except for the cruise control. Not many shops have managed such a complete swap into a newer model Mopar.

108 Dairy Avenue, Unit 14 Napanee, Ontario Canada

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A little walk around of the shop.